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Arm yourself with representation from an expert criminal defense attorney in Marion, Arkansas. Richard West has provided expert criminal and family legal advice to his clients in Crittenden County since 1992, and he is here to help when you feel your future is on the line. Being charged with a criminal offense can be a scary experience. When you aren’t sure of your options, West Law Firm is there to help you every step of the way.
Our Criminal Defense Services

When you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced criminal attorney on YOUR side. Richard West provides legal representation for any type of crime including minor felony charges as well. Here is a list of common criminal charges he handles:

Auto Accidents • Wrongful Death Claims • Drug Charges • DWIs • Misdemeanors  • Homicides

Effective Defense for Youth
If your underage child has been charged with a criminal offense, put the matter in Richard West's capable hands. He has many years of providing criminal defense in juvenile court and will help you weigh your best options.

Man w/Handcuffs, Criminal Defense Attorney in Marion, AR
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